Friday, 21 August 2009


Things that have passed through my mind this morning

  • The lumberjack song from Monty Python (thanks Phil).
  • There is a building site near our office, and all this week they've been pile-driving building foundations. Its loud enough to be annoying. thump! thump! thump!
  • All I've had for lunch all week is Subway. That can't be healthy.
  • I had a fantastic curry last night. A non-vegetarian thali. (For those that don't know, its a combination of dishes in smaller portions. So on one plate I had - chicken curry, meat curry, tandoori chicken, a seek kebab, pilau rice and a naan).
  • I'm looking forward to seeing my friend tonight who's braving the M6 to come see us.
  • My coding genius knows no start... er, I mean, my coding genius knows no bounds (that's the one).
  • A cup of hot, sweet, strong tea is the perfect Englishman's breakfast.
  • Worms on iPhone is scarily addictive.
  • I should be getting my new toy delivered today... I'll tell all next week.
  • HDMI Connection on my Xbox setup last night - and its brilliant. HD gaming.
  • Oh, and I have another post in my mind... coming up shortly.


Emma said...

Your "toy" has arrived.

Colin said...

is it saucy.... ;-0)

Emma said...

Let's just say, it's not my kind of toy!