Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Zombie weather again

Another morning of damp, mist, cold and darkness on the way to work this morning. As mentioned in previous posts here and here my imagination tends to run away with me slightly during weather like this. The questions that ran through my head this morning - could I get the car out and shut the garage door before 'they' reached me... could I get out of the gate at the end of the alley way in time... what would it be like to walk across that park to hear stumbling, moaning and smell the stench of death... where would I hole up, is the house secure enough, or would I have to make it to somewhere MORE secure... Good grief I'm weird. Even now, as I type this, it's very misty outside my office window, and could quite easily imagine a slow moving swarm of ex-corpses shambling toward our building. (Kind of like this, but not looking so much like a conga line...)

Anyway - a day of monotonous but necessary work today. I have had my code reviewed by someone in the U.S and now have to go through and make changes to bring it inline with company coding standards. Yes, I know, you're asking "Why didn't you just code to standard?" (Or maybe you're not) but the honest answer is it's hard remember EVERY standard when you're coding like a demon at 100 miles an hour like I do... heh.

Oh, and in response to Phil's comment - Kubuntu doesn't really start up any quicker than my XP setup (I've got my laptop setup to dual boot) but then again it's no slower either - so if I had to make a decision this minute about which OS I'd stick with, so far it'd be Kubuntu for look & feel, easy of use, price (it's open source people!) etc.

Soundtrack of the day: "Greatest Hits" by The Smiths


russ said...

Coding standards? What are they?!

Simon said...

Tell me about it - if the code works, that should be all that matters, right?!

purplegirl said...

I've never thought of that as zombie weather, but I do get all creeped out by it .... because of some damn Stephen King story I read when I was young and impressionable. Stupid mist.

Simon said...

Mist! Great book - I am a MASSIVE Stephen King fan, I've read all his stuff. You should try James Herbet if you like Mr. King, especially the 'rats' books... Domain, Lair and... I can't remember the third one.