Sunday, 4 January 2009

Reoccuring nightmare

Now I know normally, it's one of the most boring things in the world to listen to someone tell the tale of some dream they have. Same goes for nightmares. At the time, there was something terrifying about being chased through a field of rubber gloves by a dribbling school of hippos... but when you try and tell someone about it, you just get a funny look and a phone call from your doctor about increasing the dosage.

However, I have had a reoccuring nightmare about a plane crash - but not a plane I'm on.
It usually has me stood outside somewhere - near home, or one time, at my office - and seeing plane, a big jumbo, flying low over head. I can then see it's going to come down and crash into nearby houses, and it only seems to be me who can tell what's going to happen. And then I see everything in near-slow motion, the plane hitting the houses, the explosion, the feel of the huge crash through my feet, the screaming engines... it's quite horrible.

The thing is, I have no fear of flying, I've never been in a near-death experience on a plane (he says while touching wood) and actually flying to me is like getting on a bus... no problem at all. So, I have no idea where this nightmare comes from. What do you all think?


Charlie Naseweis said...

Spookily, I was discussing dreams with someone a few weeks ago.

This is one of the dreams I get from time to time, although in my dream I just see the plane in the sky over somewhere familiar (usualy Ruislip) then I see it tail dive and crash somewhere in the distance.

A more regular dream (nightmare) is that I have some examinations tomorrow, and in my dream I am panicking because I have done no revision whatsoever & am totally unprepared. I would say that I encounter this dream every couple of months, even though it is a loooong time since I was at school/Uni.

There are websites that you can go to that offer interpretations of these dreams, they make interesting reading & it's good to know you're not alone! Apart from the hippo's and rubber gloves.....weird!

Mom said...

Sounds like some sense of impending doom to me. But I really have no idea. Weird.

Phil Dawson said...

Perhaps your looking forward to the new season of Lost.

When you get to the scene, tell Kate that she can get lost at my place if she wants.


Emma said...

Try some gestalt therapy x

Emma said...

Just read Charlie's post - glad you both admitted this AFTER we all got on a plane with you both ...

Anonymous said...

I don't want to panic you ... but Jake said this morning that he dreamt last night that we went to see your plane off to America and it exploded on take off. In the same dream we stopped our car for Gordon Brown who was sitting at the side of the street, homeless, and asked us if we had any change for a cup of tea.