Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Health and safety at work

We got sent an email from the Health & Safety police - we had to take an online tutorial and test about Office Safety. What a load of horse dung. It covered fire safety, electrical safety, computer workstation setup and stuff like that. You then had to take a 15 question test, with a 80% pass rate. I'd say 90% of the stuff is common sense (e.g. - "What causes a Trip (their use of capitals, not mine) in the office?" duh... untidy cables, stuff on the floor etc.?) the other 10% teaches you about the different kind of fire extinguisher.
Anyway - I passed (of course) but with only 93% and not 100% - this is because my bloody mouse button went beserk and I clicked on the wrong button so I got one wrong. One of the questions made me laugh though:

"What should you do on discovering a fire?"
Answers to choose from: "Raise the alarm", "run away", "Do nothing", or my favorite "Do nothing until someone tells you" (Oi, Simon, there's a fire there.. oh thanks!)

In other news - finally got Kubuntu installed... and it rocks. VERY swish, looks fantastic, and I'm gonna enjoy getting to grips with it.

Soundtrack of the day: "Meds" by Placebo.

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Phil Dawson said...

Keep us updated on Kubuntu mate. What's the software compatibility like? Does it run most things? How quick does it boot from off?

We just did a similar thing here at work but it was for discrimination. My favourite:

Q. If a colleague tells a racist joke that makes other staff uncomfortable, what should you do?

A. Try not to laugh in front of the uncomfortable person, instead, retreat to your desk or outside to laugh at the joke.