Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A new addiction

Well, maybe addiction is a bit strong, but I've started to visit my towns message board web site more and more often. It started the other day, when the road behind the one I live on had an armed man (apparently) in one of the houses. I was walking home (I think with the dog) and there were police everywhere stopping people walking down a particular road, but when I asked one of the rozzers "what's occuring" he said "not much". Yeah right I thought. Anyway, it was suggested I try the my towns message board to see if anyone had posted any details - and since then I've been visiting regularly. It's like a quaint, amateur-ish web site where people post all sorts of things about where I live. Traffic problems, vandalism stories, requests for help, local gossip, all sorts. Today, I have responded to a lady who was looking to rent a marquee (I posted a link to a web site - I mean come on woman, google it!) and to a bloke who was asking about traffic down a local road. So now I have another web site that will eat into my time at work!

Soundtrack of the day: "Violator" by Depeche Mode.

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