Sunday, 11 January 2009

A brief weekend update

Training with Jake on Saturday was ok - very cold, and the pitch was rock hard and frozen, but he had a good session. Match on Sunday was cancelled due to (yes) hard ground.

Treated ourselves to waffles, ice cream, maple syrup and whipped cream for Sunday evening desert. VERY nice. VERY calorific. Jake's idea!

Tomorrow, off up to Gloucester for the day (all for a meeting that will probably last about 20 mins... *sigh*) and hopefully playing football if I can get back in time.

I've been thinking alot about golf recently too... it has to be time soon to get the swing going again in preparation for the new golfing season, but it's been so chuffing cold the very thought of gripping a golf club is horrible. Will have to start soon though.

I'll post more from Gloucester tomorrow hopefully... ciao for now.

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