Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Back to the grind.... I mean, the joys of returning to work

Yes, my first day back in the office today since Christmas Eve. The office is still here, sadly, and my desk has been left mercifully unmolested. I now need to try and fire up the ol' motivation and get cracking. However, catching up on blogs I haven't had the chance to read, keeping up with the football transfer gossip (the transfer window is open until Monday Feb. 2nd) and just general lack of wanting to work is making it hard.
With the start of the new year, there are already a couple of things on my horizon that I can look forward to. In March, I am playing in the annual golf society days that I've done for two years running now. You can read about the previous one here - the actual title of the society is the Syndicate 8 Golf Society. (It's a police thing.).
In July we're planning on another trip to Cornwall - a kind of re-run of my mate Colin's stag do, but this time just four of us. So there'll be more surfing, more drinking, and more laughter to be had.
** Spooky! As I was writing this post, I received an email from the organiser of the golf trip confirming details! **

Anyway - enough dithering. I must crack on! Have a good Tuesday people.

Oh, Soundtrack of the day: "The Specials" by The Specials... going back in time with a bit of Ska.

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