Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A quick review of the Purple Hotel I stayed in last night

Purple Hotel, Star City, Birmingham.

Things didn't get off to a good start when they couldn't find my reservation...
"It's under Simon Molloy - or it might be under Anixter" says our intrepid explorer.
"No, sorry sir, nothing of that name" says the dimly lit bulb of a man behind the counter.
Then someone with slightly more intelligence than the butt-brained boy pipes up,
"How are you spelling that?"
"M-O-L-L-O-Y" says I
"Ah, yes, here it is..."
And the name it was ACTUALLY under? Samon Mollow. WTF!? I even emailed & faxed my details to them, so it was written down for them. Sheesh.
Anyway. The room was quite small - one of the smallest I've been in in fact. No bath, just a shower, toilet and sink and the bed. And do you think I could get the heating working? Could I heck. So I spent the night with nothing but my hair above the covers, and in the morning when I woke up, I had to move as quickly as possible to the shower to avoid frost bite of my... *cough* extremities.
The bed WAS large though, (even though there were only two pillows, and thin at that) and quite comfortable, compared to others I've experienced. Oh, and the bath... sorry, shower towel was too small for my man size girth and there was only one of them, so when I didn't let it dry properly after last night I was drying myself with a slightly damp towel this morning. *sigh* Oh to be home. Still, not long - a few hours work, jump on the train, and away I go.
Have a great day all.


russ said...

So it was small, cold and damp was it?

What about the room?!?!?!? ;)

Simon said...

Ah hahahah .... hhmm....

purplegirl said...

Well, that just makes me want to travel.