Monday, 26 January 2009

Imagine this as a 'flying visit' post

I'm here in our Birmingham office, so it's not gonna be a long winded post.

Train journey was good - nice and relaxing, no delays, which is always nice. However, I DID get robbed of £1.40 on the platform at Banbury - I was really thirsty, and saw a coke machine that looked like it was working. "This is asking for trouble" I told myself, but nevertheless I wanted a drink, so I dug out £1.40 in change, put it into the machine ... and nothing. B*STARD. I was SO tempted to kick it and swear at it - but that's not the new 'me' I'm trying to develop. I'm trying to be more calm, collected, serene. So I shrugged my shoulders, muttered "dropped a bollock there son" to myself, and left it alone.

Be out for a working dinner tonight, then back to the hotel and bed.

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russ said...
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russ said...

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