Saturday, 17 January 2009

Quick early Saturday morning post

Woke up to lashing wind and rain this morning, which is not a good start when Jake goes training at about 09.00... however, I think its calmed down a lot outside now.

Finally got Kubuntu working properly with the wireless network driver, which made me very happy last night (it's the little things...).

City are playing at 15.00 today, so I'll be in front of the T.V from 15.00 until 17.00 watching one of my favourite programs - Sky Sports Centre. Those who know football know what the show's about - but basically its a show that covers all the action, as it happens, during the 15.00 kick offs (without pictures). It's hosted by someone called Jeff Stelling (a top, top man) and they have four studio guests (usually ex-pros) who watch certain games and give updates as they happen. Sounds boring, I know, but for a football fan who can't get to the game, its brilliant. Oh, and a couple of weeks ago, I found something called the Sky Sports Super 6 bet. Its a free bet where you predict the result of six games, (including the correct score) and if you get all 6 right, you get a share of £100,000! For Free! It's a really good deal. So that's my Saturday afternoon... tomorrow morning Jake has a match, and after that, an easy Sunday afternoon.
Enjoy your weekend.


russ said...

I can't believe I haven't heard of that - thanks Si, I now will be glued (even more than I am already) to Gillette Soccer Saturday too


russ said...

...the free bet that is.

Simon said...

It rocks - you have to register an id and password to start, but its free, and they dont take a credit card or anything. Then you just predict the score line of their six chosen games, and then the time of the first goal in minutes (I guess as a tie breaker) and Bob's ya mother's brother!