Monday, 12 January 2009

Told you I'd post from Gloucester

Left at 06.00 (*yawn*) arrived at 07.45, logged on and blogging with a cup of tea on my desk by 08.00! How cool am I?

The journey was sh*te though, I mean dark, wet, loads of spray and windy... but at least the roads were fairly empty of traffic.

I now just have to get some work done before my meeting at 14.00 today. Although it will be a bit of a struggle as I'm sitting next to a fellow golf fanatic so now doubt some 'golfy' conversation will come up... must... stay.... focused...

Update: Kubuntu. Not a swear word, or a religion, or a curious sexual practice performed by pigmies... it's an operating system, based on linux, but a LOT LOT nicer / better than windows (it says here...). Anyway - I'll be installing it later, and I'll let you know what it's like. For those of a technical nature, visit Kubuntu's Website to check it out.

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