Monday, 28 January 2008

Horror film weather

Thats what it was like this morning. Those who know me know my worry about a zombie virus outbreak and how I'd survive (or not) and this morning, at 06:45 the weather was perfect for a situation like that. VERY misty, dark, damp... just like all the best horror films. I could easily picture a group of shambling, moaning freaks shuffling toward me out of the mist as I got my car out of the garage ready to go to work. Very cool.
Anyway, enough of those insane ramblings... nothing much happened this weekend, just recovering from my 'banghaloor belly' (well, it was slightly worse than just a dodgy curry, but you know what I mean). Football was a 'subject non gratis' at home this weekend... Jake's team were denied a perfectly good win but a VERY dodgy referee (gave a penalty in the last minute for a foul that was about 5 yards outside the box) and City got out fought to lose and get knocked out of the F.A Cup. So a bad weekend for football. However, Im playing tonight so I'll enjoy that and City have a chance to make amends with a game against the team who are bottom of the league. We MUST win that. Dog continues to get better from his broken toe, however he has started to wake up at silly times again (4.45 this morning anyone??)
Finally, I'm gonna go shopping for new football boots this lunchtime, I need some new molded studs...
Soundtrack of the day: "Scouting For Girls" by Scouting For Girls.

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