Monday, 14 January 2008

16 days and counting

The court date for my Bank Charges case is 30th January. As a result, I have had to get together all the support documents I need and send one copy to the banks solicitors, one copy to the court, and keep one for myself. This I have done this morning. So there really IS no going back now.
As some of you may be aware, a test case has started today between 6 banks, one building society and the OFT : Read the story here (BBC News Website)
This will probably mean my case WON'T actually get heard on the 30th, but be postponed until after a verdict has been reached in the test case, but for fear of my case being thrown out because I didnt do things correctly, Im sticking to the plan.
Not much happened this weekend - City lost (expected really) Jake didn't play as he had a bad blister on the back of his heel, so we rested him this weekend. Spent some of the time collating the documents I needed for the above... and that was about it.
Im hesitant to write about it (because of jinxing it) but the dog seems to have got into a good routine now. He doesn't wake until I come downstairs for work in the morning, and even then, once I've left, he goes back to sleep... so that is a LOT better. We'll see how things go.
Not much on this week - football tonight, maybe the golf range tomorrow, football Thursday.... thats about it. Have a good Monday all.


Charlie Naseweis said...

"So that's why we should hope the banks win. It's not because the penalty fees are legal or fair. It's because a victory for the consumer could come with an even higher price."

Simon said...

I've heard this argument alot, but at the end of the day, if it means I get back charges I've paid out, and they can go towards something really helpful like a credit card bill, then I'm gonna want it back. If banks start charging you for simply having an account, I guarantee at least one bank will be clued up enough to offer a free account, which will get lots of business. So you can still win.