Monday, 7 January 2008

Did any of you notice...

...that I had changed my picture to the right there? I bet you all did, you're all so fabulous and wonderful and everything.
So the start of a full working week. Its gonna be a shock to a lot of people, having to work five days for the first time in a while. Me included. I can guarantee I'll get to about 14.00 on Wednesday and be thinking "Is it the weekend yet?" (Hell, Im thinking that now at 07.20 this morning).
Apparantly, today will be one of the busiest days of the year for solicitors in the UK (or 'lawyers', for my American listeners) because of all the divorces that will get filed! According to 'informed sources' the holiday break will have stretched many marriages to beyond breaking point, and today is the day that Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public finally have enough and want out. Personally, I find the shovel to the back of the head and then the patio grave is the cheapest and easiest option...
(I kid, I kid, dont try that at home kids).
Not a bad weekend - Jake's team lost their first game of the season in the top division, but they really didn't deserve to, and Jake got man of the match, which was good. Unfortunately, he has been told by Watford that he isn't wanted any more... so he's a bit upset about that, but not TOO upset - he has never been super keen anyway, and it saves us having to go out and about at rush hour Monday evenings! City got a good 0 - 0 draw away in the cup, so a replay at home beckons. Thats about it... (Oh, the dog STILL likes getting me up at 6.00 - 6.30 every day).
This week, Im playing football tonight with one of the guys I play with on Thursday - this could turn into a regular thing all being well, so playing twice a week will help keep this adonis like figure I have... (hahahahahahahahah!!). Also playing again on Thursday. Thats about it, plans wise.
Have a good Monday listeners...

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greeny said...

I noticed your mug shot was different. Points for Beth!!!

Hey, the dog is actually doing better than before, right? That doesn't look like as early as it once was.

And go for the football. Nothing says lovin' like football (it is what we call soccer, correct?) injuries!
And all that hostility you can release!

Evil laugh of your's can be heard over the shovel comment.