Friday, 18 January 2008

Why do toilet cubicles have locks?

So you can lock then, numb nuts! Just visited the little boys room at work, went to enter one of the cubicles (door was ajar, lock NOT engaged) and as the door opens I hear a strangled yelp and the door slammed back in my face. LOCK THE DOOR, DUFUS!
I do not wanna see OR hear what you're up to in there, thats why there is a lock on the door. Geez.
Anyway, weekend at last... although the weather is sh*te its nice to know we'll have a couple of days off. I've got a beer and Wii night tonight (say that out loud... its funny. Well, it made me and my mate giggel). Going round a friends house to drink beer and play Wii bowling.
Apart from that, we have no plans for most of the weekend (apart from the usual football) but my in-laws are stopping over with us Sunday night after flying back into Heathrow from Thailand. Im looking forward to hearing about their exploits.

Have a good weekend listeners. More dribble soon...

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greeny said...

Giggling with the mate, bowling on the Wii and beer. Sounds complete to me. Hope it was good!