Friday, 25 January 2008

Have I got it?

I've been off work for the past couple of days. Sickness, the squits... its the symptoms of the novovirus, but I dont think I've got it that bad. Anyway, I thought it best NOT to go into the office, just in case, I don't wanna be the typhiod Mary of Anixter.
Apart from that, the only thing significant that has happened is our poor dog broke his toe yesterday! He was out on his lunchtime walk, playing with another dog, and as he was running around, somehow, he broke his middle toe. Long story short, he now has a large bandage wrap on his back leg, and he looks very sorry for himself!
Im not going to work today as I still have a bad stomach (i.e. at the rear end...) and doctors did say that if you do get these symptoms not to go back into the office until they're gone. So another day running the to the loo and back :-(

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, more updates soon.

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greeny said...

Ack! Too much information!
We all had some stomach issues last night, too. Nothing the same but each of us were not happy campers.
Hope you feel better by the weekend. I'll be sure to [post something entertaining for you,k?