Wednesday, 28 February 2007

No post yesterday...

Played golf today. Didn't do too bad - front nine was better than the back nine. See, normally, I use a trolley to carry my clubs (lazy, I know) but today trolleys were not allowed on the course because of the wet weather so I had to carry my bag round. My God! It was like carrying a small family car around. Hence the reason my swing started suffering in the back nine.
Still, when I play next week, trolleys should be allowed to I will hopefully carry the good form from the front nine to the whole eighteen.

I was thinking yesterday about deja vu. I experienced it yesterday afternoon, and isn't it the weirdest thing? I've heard different explanations (chemical imbalance in the brain, actual psychic powers etc.) but all I do know is how strange it feels.
Its like a combination of "seeing the future" and living a past life. I've started to try and break the spell of it by doing something completely random, but now even that has started to become part of the deja vu experience. I remember on more than one occasion having this feeling and then something bad happening - and its almost like I know whats going to happen because of the feeling of deja vu. Very weird.

Anyway, comments can be sent as usual, and I'll hopefully post more tomorrow from Birmingham. Oh, and big shout out to Steve and thanks for the game today... 14 points! Ouch!

Peace out y'all.

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