Tuesday, 30 September 2008

No post recently

Sorry about that - some things going on in my world are too stressful to post about.

Anyway... what else has been going on? Not a lot really. Jake's team had two friendlies at the weekend - one on Saturday (a 4 - 0 win) and one on Sunday (a 4 - 2 win) so things are looking good for their season which starts this Sunday.

Work wise, I'm starting to struggle a little with my workload. I think I'll be OK, but because of other issues, it's made me feel like I'm drowning a little. Still, we soldier on, do we not?

No golf played for a few days, no time, or weather, to get out.

Goodness, what a boring post. Right, must crack on. Soundtrack of the day: R A N D O M button on my MP3 player again, so who knows...


Anonymous said...

Hope your Ok ;-0)

Russ said...

Hope you relieve yourself (from the stress!)