Thursday, 4 September 2008

Listener contributed Haiku

"Through the barricades"
"Always believe in your soul"
Spandau Ballet rock.

Broadband Internet
Spending All My Time Watching
Streaming Videos

Haikus make me smile
They also seems to bring out
Lots of random things

Dial Oh eight hundred
Double Oh ten sixty-six
(for Hastings Direct)

(That one was genius)

Premiership Clubs
Playthings for billionaires
Killing the good game.

Carol Vorderman
Picking Out All The Letters
Constanents And Vowels

Eating far too much
No time for excercising
Putting on some weight

Chopping Up Bodies
My Cellar Is Nearly Full
Thus My Work Is Done

(I have informed the authorities on this one)

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