Thursday, 11 September 2008

I twittered these questions

I was sitting here thinking about this & that this morning, and came up with these questions... answers to the usual address:

If you met yourself, would you like yourself, or would you get on your nerves?

If you were the opposite sex version of you, would you fancy yourself?

This is not so much questions about liking yourself / loving yourself (I'm not allowed to do that anymore, not since the sores and the rash), but more about combining your own perception of yourself with how the rest of the world sees you...

Let's see those comments flood in....


Charlie Naseweis said...

I'd hate myself if I met me. If I had to manage someone like me at work I'd lose patience quickly.

Paradoxically though, if I were the opposite sex version of me, I'd love me - what is there not to like?!

I hope Dr Freud isn't reading this.

Simon said...

Strangely, I think I'm the opposite. I know I could work with me, and probably like me as a mate, but if I was the opposite sex version, I dont think I'd fancy me. What's to fancy?!