Monday, 8 September 2008

Perfect start to the week

Some gormless twat bumped into my car this morning. I was approaching a three lane roundabout in the middle lane (because I was going straight over) and I passed this idiot as he was in the outside lane. As I went past him, he pulled into the middle lane, and caught the back quarter of my car. Yes, he was in error, yes, he hit me. So we pulled off the side of the roundabout, and got out to inspect the damage. Luckily, there was no damage to mine except scuffing, which I rubbed off and all looked fine. The thing that wound me up was the first thing he says to me is "Its OK, it looks like you caught the inside of my car, and there's hardly any damage"... So I just stopped and looked at him and said "No, I didn't catch anything of yours, YOU hit MY car. I was in the middle lane and YOU pulled out and hit ME". I then said that my car was not damaged so I am happy to not go through insurance . He agreed, and as we parted company he said "Sorry about that..." so he knew he was in the wrong. Berk.
So if that's what the start of my week is, what's the rest gonna hold?! I dread to think...

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