Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I have been toying with some other creative outlets. I was thinking of poetry (I may post some efforts up here) but I have been reading a book that had some Haiku in it - and that got me thinking, could I do that? Here is what wikipedia says about Haiku:

Haiku (俳句?) listen is a form of Japanese poetry. Previously called hokku, it was given its current name by the Japanese writer Masaoka Shiki at the end of 19th century. Shiki suggested haiku as an abbreviation of the phrase "haikai no ku" meaning a verse of haikai[1]. A hokku was the opening verse of a linked verse form, renku (haikai no renga). In Japanese, hokku and haiku are traditionally printed in one vertical line (though in handwritten form they may be in any reasonable number of lines). In English, haiku are usually written in three lines to equate to the three metrical phrases of a haiku in Japanese that consist of five, seven, and five on (the Japanese count morae, which differ from English-language syllables; for example, the word "haiku" itself counts as three on in Japanese (ha-i-ku), but two syllables in English (hai-ku); writing seventeen syllables in English produces a poem that is actually quite a bit longer, with more content, than a haiku in Japanese). Because Japanese nouns do not have different singular and plural forms, "haiku" is usually used as both a singular and plural noun in English as well. Thus, practicing haiku poets and translators refer to "many haiku" rather than "haikus". Senryū is a similar poetry form that emphasizes irony, satire, humor, and human foibles instead of seasons, and may or may not contain a kigo or a kireji.

So, I had a go. To recap, here are the rules (no exceptions!)

3 lines
5 syllables in the first line
7 syllables in the second
and 5 syllables in the third

Of course, they must make some kind of sense, not just 17 syllables of nonsense...

My efforts:

Jaded attitude
Cynical to the last breath
My grave epitaph

Dying heart of love
Restored by your soul and grace
My life is complete

Dark shades on the wall
Unknown sounds that bring nightmares
Fears of my childhood

So, come on then, lets have your efforts children


Charlie Naseweis said...

Chopping Up Bodies
My Cellar Is Nearly Full
Thus My Work Is Done

Simon said...

I know who you are, and the authorities have been informed.

Russ said...

Eating far too much
No time for excercising
Putting on some weight

Simon said...

Excellent effort Russ, and so true for me too! See how easy it is? Come on people, join in the fun

Anonymous said...

You are obviously far too intelligent for me. Give me 14 budgets and a couple of training courses to write to write any day. Much less complicated

Charlie Naseweis said...

Carol Vorderman
Picking Out All The Letters
Constanents And Vowels

Russ said...

Premiership Clubs
Playthings for billionaires
Killing the good game.

Russ said...

Dial Oh eight hundred
Double Oh ten sixty-six
(for Hastings Direct)

Russ said...

Haikus make me smile
They also seems to bring out
Lots of random things

Charlie Naseweis said...

Broadband Internet
Spending All My Time Watching
Streaming Videos

Russ said...

"Through the barricades"
"Always believe in your soul"
Spandau Ballet rock.

Russ said...

Here is a long word,

Russ Barker said...

This Haiku post is old
But it needs just one more
So here it is, bitch.