Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I thought I'd share what my son and I talked about on the way home from school yesterday.
We got onto the subject of my job and what I do, and he asked "Do you sit in a big chair like Homer Simpson, eating donuts and drinking coffee?" to which I replied "well, sometimes, and I do have a big chair like Homer Simpson".
He then started to describe how he'd like his job to be...

"I'd like a job like that - I'd have a computer with donuts on one side and big bottle of coke on the other. I'd sit at my desk, and my boss would come to me and say Jake, do these data sheets, and I'd say yes sir, but when he's gone I'd type BOOBIES on my screen and sit and eat donuts."

He then proceeded to crack up, which of course got me laughing as well.

He likes boobies. Definitely his father's son.


nw said...

Lmao, the things that kids say really crap me up, nice one Jake!!!

Russ said...

Heheheh...... he said "boobies"