Tuesday, 9 September 2008

I'm no restaurant critic...

...but I thought I'd let you all know about the place I went for dinner last night. It was a 'surprise' invite as I expected to be playing football last night. But, it was my sisters birthday on Friday, and she lives in Bournemouth but was at my parents last night as she is flying out to Canada, then onto Australia, from Heathrow today. So we thought we'd get together for dinner. (*phew* - convoluted explanation over).

ANYWAY - we decided to go the place called The Waters Edge. Those who know me and live near me know where that is... those that don't, well, talk amongst yourselves if you like.

The food was nice enough, the ambiance more like a quiet chain pub than a restaurant, and it only had a few a la carte dishes on the menu. Also, it only had one veggie option, but my wife, who is unfortunately afflicted with vegetarianism, will eat pretty much any veggie dish anway so that was OK. The main thing, however, was it's carvery. (I'm not too sure how Manuel The Waiter feels about carveries but I think they're OK every now and then...)
"So it has a carvery" I hear you shout "big deal", but let me tell you, the big thing about the carvery was the PRICE.
What with all that credit being crunched all over the place and belts being tightened more than a man of 45 wanting to look 25, price has become more important to me than before.

Check this out - You get a choice of three meats (and yes you can have all three - last night was turkey, gammon ham or beef all freshly carved) and then a selection of veg (last night: peas, greens, swede, carrots, two types of potato and cauliflower cheese) plus sauces (cranberry, apple, that sort of thing) and two types of gravy. You also get stuffing and yorkshire puds. Once the carver has given you the meat you want (and you can ask him to be 'generous', I know I did!) you can help yourself to veg and gravy. You can imagine how piled with food your plate could look. And the price for this frankly massive feast? £3.95!!! Yes, UNDER £4.00 for a ludicrous amount of what amounts to a Sunday roast. And for the quality of food I would quite happily pay something like £10.00 or £12.00 for it.

OK, so it wasn't Gordon Ramsey quality food, and eating in a chain pub / carvery isn't the classiest of places, but it WAS very nice food, and it was quiet, and my son was welcome, and the beer was cold, but the PRICE... my God, you can't knock it. So - highly recommended for those of you in the area who want a cheap, tasty, dinner.


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