Thursday, 4 September 2008

Another Thursday night alone

Yes, it's just me and the dog again for a Thursday night. Sitting here watching Kerrang TV with a beer and contemplating my comittment to Twitter to create something creative tonight.

BTW - Slash is my hero - one of the all time great rock 'n' roll guitarists.

I'm actually considering going down to that pub that has the open mic night / jam night I posted about a little while ago... is it sad to go into a pub on your own? Bit Billy no mates isn't it.
But, maybe popping down there for half an hour to see what the situation is? Maybe.... depends how much more beer I have to drink before its time to go.

Oh I didnt post about my piano lesson did I? It was a 'consultancy' lesson first, so it was free (bonus!) but I didn't actually get to touch the keyboard! It was all about how we are gonna move forward with the lessons, a lesson plan, what I wanted to learn, what music I was into etc. etc.
Am I going to continue? I honestly don't know - it seems awfully complicated, but then that's because I have picked guitar up so easily...

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Shauna said...

Who's your teacher?