Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Inspired by cheesecake

First of all I don't know who cheesecake is, I think I do, but I might be wrong.
Anyway, he / she (I think its a she) asked me a question in response to my last post, and I was starting to write it out as a comment but thought I might as well make a post out of it. (Warning: the word 'cock' appears twice in this article...)
cheesecake wrote:

"How about a few pics from your friends wedding or some insight as to why you are so fed up?"

I actually don't have any pictures from my friends wedding! I need to get hold of them from my friends who had their digital cameras there. As to why I am so fed up? My God where to begin... there are big reasons that don't change from day to day, and little ones that do. For example, today, I have a sore arse. I know, not very nice, and its actually my coxi... coksi...cocksi... tail bone that hurts, but it is VERY sore and it even hurts just sitting down. What did I do to it? I have no idea but its another little dig with a cocktail stick into the gums of my life.

Anyway - Wednesday today, work to do (cue headphones and albums) and then a piano lesson tonight. I'll be honest, I nearly backed out - the main reason being this low mood I'm in, but I will go through with it and see how it goes. Jake's first training session of the new season last night, and he looked good. Sharpness still has to come back, but it won't take long.

So there we go - a longer post, and slightly more upbeat. I will really try and make more of an effort again listeners - apologies to those who have come here to read and thought "what a miserable bastard". Peace.

Update: A tip of the day - DON'T start reading other peoples blogs before you start work, especially if they are as well written as Well Done Fillet as you will NOT be able to start work. Damn my bone-idleness

Update II: Soundtrack of the day - "Stadium Arcadium" double album by Red Hot Chili Peppers


cheesecake said...

Inspiration you say, long time snce anyone has said that to me.

You will have to start a band with Jake, you on the piano/guitar and him on the recorder.

Simon said...

Ok, I have no idea who you are cheesecake, I think I know but don't want to make a definite guess for fear of upsetting you.

cheesecake said...

Have a guess, I won't be "upset" if you guess wrong.

Simon said...

no no no, Im not playing that game, but you obviously know me.