Sunday, 14 September 2008

I've found some time

Its Sunday morning and everyone's out, so I have a little alone time this morning. Apart from this post, I'm spending it reading and chilling out, which is what I think Sunday mornings are for.

Jake had a good training session yesterday, but as his manager wasn't there, his assistant and I took the training session. I tell you, I couldn't do that on a regular basis. Its hard enough trying to stay in charge of one nine soon-to-be ten year old, but ten of them? It was hard going.

Also in the iSimon world, I have money worries at the moment. Those of you that have lived through that know that it seems to take over your whole life. You can't get past the this big black cloud of financial problems. I will be trying over the next few days to get some kind of solution / resolution to this, but if I seem quieter or more miserable than usual, ("How will we notice" I hear you cry), then that's why.

Have a great Sunday listeners, we'll be back after these messages...

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