Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I can't remember which songs I used to play a lot on the guitar. I was strumming around last night, and found I was only playing two or three songs... "Everything Changes" and "Outside" by Staind, and "Street Spirit" by Radiohead. I couldn't think of any others to play and sing along to, which was annoying me. Actually, maybe that's not 100% accurate - maybe it was more a case of not thinking of any other songs I wanted to play. There used to be loads I enjoyed playing and singing, but last night they weren't there in my head. A case of creative malaise perhaps.

It was my best mates birthday on Monday, so I went round his house on Saturday night for a little while. I was driving, so wasn't drinking (obviously) and there was a guitar there but... I couldn't bring myself to get it out and play it. I think it was because a) I was sober b) it didn't feel like that sort of night and c) shy (probably linked to 'a'). Which is was a shame, as there were a few people there, and if I had been drinking I probably would have enjoyed playing for them.

Good football last night (played well again) and it's Jake's turn tonight as he is training. Golf tomorrow (all being well) football on Thursday (again, hopefully) and then Friday night to relax.

Soundtrack of the day: "The Seldom Seen Kid" by Elbow (Mercury Music prize winner).


Shauna said...

You should have played - it's a long time since I heard you.....

Simon said...

Thank you Shauna - although not hearing me is maybe a blessing..

OK, next time there is a get together, I WILL get the geetar out, promise.