Thursday, 18 September 2008


Manchester and back in 27 hours with a game of golf in the middle... tired today.
Still, it was a good journey both ways - 3 hours for each leg.
Before I left I bought The Mighty Boosh radio show on CD... so I spent most of the journey cracking up. I can imagine people looking in their rear view mirror as I bomb up behind them in the outside lane laughing like a loon. Scary.

I have a boring crappy meeting today from 10.30 'til 12.30 *snore*

I hate meetings. No matter how interesting the subject matter, the room is always too warm, so by about half an hour in your eyes are getting heavy, but the seat isn't very comfortable so you feel like you're being tortured. Some mindless tit always has to ask questions that drags things on and on and on and on ad infinitum. Luckily I can text to twitter and to this blog, so if I get really bored...

No football tonight - its been called off. :-(



Charlie Naseweis said...

me too. I've got a meeting from 10 til 12 which I could do without.

I might design a quick game of "Bullshit Bingo" to while away the time......

Anonymous said...

How was the game of Golf

were you Nick Faldo on the course ;-0)

Simon said...

anonymous - Nick Faldo? Bit 1980's!
No, I did OK - played a bit crap on the front nine, but was only 4 over on the back nine, so a lot better.