Friday, 30 November 2007

By gum I think he's got it...

Every night this week has been good. The dog has been going to bed between 22:30 and 23:00, then not waking up until gone 06:00. Very very happy with that!
And, on three of those nights, he's been dry, so his bladder control is getting better. It seems silly worrying about the lack of sleep so much now - but this was what happened with Jake when he was a baby. During the time when he wasn't sleeping I felt like crap, but when he started going through the night I thought "What was the fuss about?"
The dog is also due for his first 'walkies' this weekend - he's had his jabs so now he can start going out, which means training him on the lead (which I know he's gonna hate!)

What else is happening in Molloy world? Not much - football Saturday with Jake, then he has a match on Sunday. I will be spending my normal Saturday afternoon sat in front of the TV watching City's score come in. I will also be drinking wine this weekend (I fancy a nice expensive bottle of red).

Soundtrack of the day "The Singles" by Inspiral Carpets.

Oh, and I should be receiving some more of my eBay stuff today - I've already received some golf gloves and a new golf cap, and Im waiting for balls, (of the golf kind!) a new winter hat and TWO golf bags. Yes two. See, I put a bid in on one I wanted, and then I saw a similar one for a buy now price, but slightly cheaper. Sod it, I thought, and bought it anyway hoping that someone would out bid me on the other one. And did they? no. turds.
So, I have two similar bags on the way to me. Luckily however, one of my friends is after a new bag and likes the look of the one I might be getting rid of, so he might buy it off me. If not, then back on eBay it goes!

Have a nice weekend people. Peace.

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