Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Amazing powers of recovery

I still need the crutches... (well... maybe not need... maybe they're like a comfort thing..) but my ankle is already feeling a lot better. Considering how swollen it was, and now painful it was, only two days ago Im amazed that I can more or less walk normally on it. This bodes well... there is no football for me this Thursday (we couldn't get a pitch) but hopefully next week I will be fit enough to play - which means I haven't missed any games due to the injury.
I remember this from the last time I had this injury - the first couple of days, swollen like a balloon and tender and sore etc. but then by the end of the week, walking normally just feeling the odd twinge when I move the ankle against the ligaments. Im sure most people would be like this, but I like to think my body has some sort of amazing power of recovery - I mean, its not good for anything else, so it must have some sort of secret talent!
I was going to go off on one about decisions, and how one little thing can change your life, but I've posted that in another post, because it really did go off no a tangent.
Anyway, soundtrack of the day: "In Rainbows" by Radiohead (the album they released on download, which you could choose how much to pay for).


Charlie Naseweis said...

so how much did you pay to download the Radiohead track?

Simon said...

I paid one English pound.. and they add on a 45p admin charge.. but you can pay as little or as much as you want.