Friday, 16 November 2007

Sleep deprivation

I can see now why sleep deprivation is used as a torture. I mean, ok, its hardly torture levels Im at right now, but I am so tired, and everything else becomes harder when you're missing sleep.
Concentration levels at work drop, appetite goes, little things that weren't a bother before become a major hassle. I dont remember feeling this rough when Jake was a baby... but then I suppose I am 8 years older now, so my body can't handle it as well. My only crum of comfort is that each day that goes by brings us closer to the end, when the dog can sleep through the night with no problems.
No plans for this weekend really... football with Jake Saturday morning, then just trying to catch up on stuff round the house. Sunday Jake has a match, but I'll be staying in with the dog (he can't go out yet) so I wont be able to watch.
Soundtrack of the day: "Roots Rock Riot" by Skindred. Heavy rock / reggae mix.. very very good.
Finally, I've become re-hooked on eBay. A friend of mine has been getting some good, cheap golf gear, and he's convinced me there is some good stuff out there if I look hard enough. I just bought 24 'Pearl / Grade A' (which means they've probably only been hit once) Titleist NXT's for a tenner. Seeing as 24 of these brand new normally cost about £40 I've got a good deal.
Have a good weekend listeners, I'll try and post more over the weekend (if I can keep my eyes open enough!)

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