Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Is it progress?

After a conversation with the breeder we got the dog from, we have a new tactic to try and get him settled at night. For the past couple of nights he's been waking at about 4.20 - 4.30 AM and not being able to settle. We were told that it might be because he needs the loo, even though there are papers down for him to go on. Now, I may have started to make a rod for my own back here, but when he starts getting aggitated at that time, Im going to be going downstairs to let him out. So far (last night, and the night before) its worked up to a point. I've let him out, he's gone to the toilet, and then he's come back in and settled straight away - but then he's waking up again about 5.15 - 5.30. The night before last, I let him out again, he actually did need to go so he did, then he settled back down til gone 6.00. Last night, tried the same (letting him out for a second time) but he didn't need to go, he was just f*cking about, which wound me up, which meant when he couldn't settle by about 5.40 I was up again and sitting with him in the lounge. *sigh*
I dont know if this tactic is going to work, but my thinking is as he gets older the times he wakes needing the loo will move from 4.30 to 5.30 to 6.30 - which is the time Im up normally for work anyway. Here's hoping.
Apart from that, not much going on really. I should be receiving a new golf bag today that I ordered, but I'm a bit skint at the moment, so I have a bad case of buyers remorse. Oh, and Im going to be selling my Nintendo Wii on eBay. They are really hard to get hold of at the moment, so they are going for good money and we dont really use ours, so I could use the cash.
Have a good Wednesday listeners.


Charlie Naseweis said...

I don't understand...Shadow wakes up the night wanting a wii, but you've got one laying unused in the next room?

Simon said...

Ah hahahah.... no.
BTW where does the name Charlie Naseweis come from?

Phil Dawson said...

God bless Nintendos false shortages in the UK. bask in their glow people, take it in.

Bring on Mario Kart Wii in Q1 2008. I challenge anyone!

Charlie Naseweis said...

Charlie Naseweis is the German name for Mr Potato Head. I cannot claim credit for this moniker though...step forward Mr Barker...