Tuesday, 27 November 2007


A very good night for the dog last night, but Im hesitant to put it down to progress. He had his last jabs at the vet yesterday and they may have contributed to making him more tired than usual.
Basically, he went to bed at about 22.30, while we were still up. We went to bed at about 23.15 and then we heard nothing all night! My body clock woke me up at about 5.05, expecting to hear him, but not a peep. I couldn't go back to sleep, so at 6.20 I went downstairs thinking "I hope he's ok" and there he was, awake at the kitchen door to greet me, right as rain, and without having been to the loo all night! If this is the start of things to come, then fantastic, but I'll reserve judgement until tomorrow.
And also a Happy Birthday to my son. He's 9 today. As you can imagine, he's unbelievably excited and looking forward to presents and visits from my parents tonight.
Have a good Tuesday everyone...

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