Monday, 5 November 2007

Back on crutches again

So, back from the hospital. Its not broken (thank God) but the ligaments are badly damaged and I'm gonna be hobbling around for a while. The nurse who first examined me wouldnt stop poking and proding my ankle... "I have to check where it hurts, to see if its the bone or the ligaments" she said, but Geez she really went to town on me. Then had an x-ray, and was told "no, its not broken, so get walking on it as soon as you can, get the exercises going" etc. basically stop bein such a girlie poof.
Thing is, EVERYTHING is a pain in the arse when you're hopping everywhere - from getting a drink - (try holding a glass of something and hopping... its not easy!) to goin to the loo (standing on one leg to shake the doo-wop-da-lilly is a fun game to play - as long as you dont mind your toilet being sprayed).
Anyway - write in with suggestions as to what a man with one working leg can do to stave off boredom...
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