Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Balls. The dog's started waking up too early again. We had a good week (see previous post) but now he's gone back to waking at 03.00 for a wee (but he's settling himself) then again at 5 ish...
Im getting frustrated now, because I thought we had this cracked, and now to go back to how he was, I dont know what to try next. Alcohol? Drugs? I might give the dog some too...
He's now allowed out for walks though, which is good, although the current weather means when we try and take him out he looks at us like "You're bloody joking aren't you?"

No plans for this week really, and not much else going on. Im feeling a bit bogged down because Im working on two projects at once and they are both due soon, and no-one can tell me which one is the priority. And because Im more tired than normal at the moment, Im finding it hard to get my motivation going. I need a good rest I think - a couple of days of me time.

Have a good Wednesday all.