Monday, 10 December 2007

No updates

Apologies for not updating as regularly recently, but there's not much been going on, and to be honest I haven't really been in the mood either. Im feeling pretty f*cked off, angry, fed up, depressed and have been for the past few days. (Nothing to do with the dog, I hasten to add).

Anyway - I went and bought a couple of new books today. Thats one of my simple little pleasures, I love book shopping and get excited when I get a new book. The danger is, although I am at work, I want to just grab a drink, a comfortable chair, and lose myself in it.
I dont think I would get away with that while sitting here at my desk though.

No football this weekend. Jake had a break from training on Saturday and his match was cancelled due to bad weather on Sunday. Im hoping that when he gets back to it next week he has a higher level of motivation, and he can have a good last couple of weeks before the xmas break.

This week, no plans tonight, or tomorrow, Im in our Gloucester office all day Wednesday, playing football Thursday, then its Friday again. Saying it like that makes the week seem very short, but sitting here on Monday morning it seems AGES away :-(

Sorry for the fairly low key post... but its where my heads at (as the hippies used to say). Peace.

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