Thursday, 20 December 2007

Check this out

Man loses arm...

There are a couple of things that amaze me about this:
One - that someone actually saw this happening and thought "Geez, poor man - I'd better take a photo of this, that'll really help him!".

Two - How thick, really, is the guy who lost his arm? Tigers are big, nasty things, with big sharp teeth and a fondness of red meat (i.e. human flesh). That's why they are kept in cages and not allowed to wander the streets like pidgeons.
"Ok, you want a photo of a tiger? Then get close to the outer cage and try and zoom in between the bars... oh, not good enough? Right, OK, you shouldn't really get close to the inner cage, but there are still bars between you, so if you stay far enough back then it should be.... oh, hold on, I wouldn't put my arm actually IN the cage if I were... see, there, told you so."
Your thoughts have to go out to the mans family, but I bet the last thought this guy had was one of surprise... like "Oh, I didnt expect that!". Twit.


greeny said...

Good Lord! A twit is right. I feel badly but sometimes stupidity kills.

Merry Christmas, Simon. I'm leaving tomorrow. Won't have blogging capabilities probably. Actually I think time will be a factor more than computer availability.

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