Monday, 17 December 2007

Not bad

Not a bad weekend. Football-wise, City won 4 - 2 (NINE home wins now, the only team in the Premier League with 100% home record!) and Jake's team won 4 - 1 to earn second place in their league. This should mean they are promoted after xmas (their league season is split into two, before and after xmas). Apart from that, not much really happened... the dog still gets up way too early, (this morning, for example, he was up at 4.30 for Gods sake... he tried to settle, but in the end I was sitting down stairs with him at 5.30), but otherwise he's behaving.
I know it sounds a bit harsh, but Im really looking forward to the end of this week. The family (dog included) are going away on Thursday afternoon and coming back on Sunday, so I have two WHOLE days to myself. I have decided that one of those days will be a pampering day, just for me. Im gonna buy myself some nice food for dinner, Im gonna catch up watching all the things I've Sky +'ed, and generally relax before the xmas madness kicks in.
So have a good Monday everyone.


Anonymous said...

It begs the question "What are you gonna do for the other free day?!?!??!"

Simon said...

No idea yet - probably end up doing stuff like housework, that since the dog has been there, has kind of slipped a bit (my fault)... whoever you are!!

greeny said...

Yay for free weekends. You no doubt have read how I feel about my alone weekends. I feel quilty...until they are gone and I have a space of days it's all about ME!
Make sure you do take care of yourself. It really does recharge oneself and I suspect you need a lot of recharging.