Monday, 4 June 2007


Sorry for not posting for so long... I had a busy week last week (decorating and things) so did not really get the chance to get online.
The room Im decorating is now stripped and lined, ready for painting. We (my parents and I) finished it yesterday - but it was a long day. Started at 10.00 and finished at 18.00! Thats longer than I normally work at my day to day job!
Apart from decorating, what else has been happening? Not much really - one good thing, I finally worked up the courage to play and sing in front of some of my friends. I played "High And Dry" by Radiohead and sung along as well (its a really nice song, but for those who dont know it, there are some high, almost falsetto type notes to hit with my voice, which is NOT the best!)
I only played in front of three of my friends - but seeing as one of them is my best friend it still took me a hell of a lot of balls to do it. And I actually enjoyed it.
I now feel more confident of doing it again, maybe with a couple more songs.
Oh, and I think I'll be sticking with my current car for a while longer. A couple of reasons why; I got a quote on one of the cars I would like on Friday, but its too expensive really. Also, mine is about to go in for a service tomorrow, and that's probably gonna cost a couple of hundred (or more) so I wanna make use of that really.
Have a good day people, more postings tomorrow.

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