Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I hate Summer (and my 100th post)

Yes I hate summer. My hayfever has kicked in like a mule today. My eyes get sore, itchy and 'gravelly', my nose gets runny and I can't stop sneezing. Luckily it only really affects me in the morning and then in the evening. Also, I have the heat and sun to contend with and with my skin colouring Im not the most sun-friendly person. Spring I like - Autumn I like. (Or Fall, for our American cousins). Winter is bearable, but my most hated season is the summer. You can't sleep coz its too hot, you can't do anything coz you get sticky and horrible just walking around, and unless there's a tournament, no football. The only time I can sort of enjoy the season is if we go away to somewhere like Spain, where at least I have an excuse to sit around on my arse all day in the shade drinking and reading... coz Im on holiday!
Im picking my car up after its service today... I am not looking forward to the bill, Im expecting aroun £300.... ouch.
And finally, Ive reached 100 posts. I didnt think I would keep this up so long, and thank you all for those people who keep coming back and reading it. Here's to another 100. ("Don't you threaten us" I hear you cry...).
Soundtrack of the day: "Songs For The Deaf" by Queens Of The Stoneage.

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