Thursday, 28 June 2007

Now its getting serious

OK, first of all, wardrobe up with no problems. Put the stereo on, grabbed a beer and got to it. Job done.
Whats getting serious...? My litigation claim against Barclays. I am still waiting for my case to be transferred to my local court, and to receive a court date. But after reading this article and after getting some advice from the Consumer Action Group website, I decided to phone the litigation department and see if they will settle. I got a name and number from the CAG website, and have left a voicemail this morning... *gulp*... so we'll see what happens!
I'll update here later with how I get on.
STILL not much work to do today (well, I've been given a crappy admin type job - checking out all existing applications on our domino servers and seeing if they're still needed... yuck) so another day of clock watching I think. :-(
More updates later...
Update on the chocolate M&M conspiracy... There're LOADS of places that sell them! Im gonna go back to that newsagent and punch the lying hag in the throat for lying to me. (Bit harsh maybe... perhaps I'll just wee on their shop door late at night and run away...)
Update: So, as I expected, I haven't heard from Barclays all day... I am going to email a list of contacts that the CAG has tomorrow morning to see what sort of response I get.

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