Friday, 8 June 2007


I left my bloody works laptop at home this morning. Normally, I dont take it home very often, but I did last night, and I came to work this morning as normal, went to get the laptop out of the drawer I normally keep it in and... D'oh! Luckily, I have a desktop machine I can use at my desk, although its not the same as it doesn't everything my laptop has on it... internet bookmarks, music software - you know, the important stuff! But I can access my blog (as you can see) so thats OK.
Its Friday at last, which is good, but this weekend I need to make more progress on the decorating at home, so I dont think Im gonna be able to rest much. Im not looking forward to today though, as I have no work on to speak of, so it's gonna be another day of clock watching, which I hate doing. I did go for a pidgeon hunt this morning, but no joy unfortunately.
I will be buying a new Bill Bryson book today (haven't decided which one yet) and the second album I ordered hopefully will be turning up today.
Sountrack of the day "Oh Inverted World" by The Shins. (I know I keep going on about them, but they really are my band of the moment).

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