Thursday, 7 June 2007

Learning to like my voice

I played some more guitar last night, and practised singing along to more songs. I think its clear by now, Im not very confident in my voice, or singing ability, but last night I started to actually grow to at least like it. I now think I could play and sing these songs in front of people:
High And Dry (Radiohead)
Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead)
Move On (Jet)
Married With Children (Oasis)
Talk Tonight (Oasis)
Norwegian Wood (The Beatles)
Hide Your Love Away (The Beatles)

There are other songs I know and can sing, but these Im completely comfortable with and know all the way through.
This week seems to be going quite fast (for a change) and I think its because I have had something 'on' every night of the week... on Monday I took Jake to training with Watford, on Tuesday night I played football, last night I had friends round to watch the England game, tonight Im playing football, and then its Friday!
Im hoping that two CD's I ordered will turn up today - "Separation Sunday" by The Hold Steady and "Oh Inverted World" by The Shins. I've got that exciting feeling of getting new CDs... I love that feeling. Finally, Im reading a book called "The Life And Times Of The Thunderbolt Kid" by Bill Bryson. I think most of my listeners will be familiar with Bill Bryson, and this book is about his childhood growing up in the 50's. Its very good. There are some genuine laugh out loud bits. And it got me thinking, what sort of stories could I tell about my early childhood? Maybe I'll post some up here...
Update: Bloody annoying - I ordered three things from Play.Com, all despatched (supposedly) on the same date, and only ONE turned up today. Gits. But it is the Shins album, and its very good. I can't recommend them highly enough... get into the Shins now... its compeltely feel good music.

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