Wednesday, 13 June 2007

It hurts when I type

I had this problem a few weeks ago...the ends of some of my fingers sting when I type, which as you can imagine in my job is a pain in the ar.... well, in the fingers. Im not too sure what causes it but its like eveytime certain of my fingers hit the keys someone is stabbing them with a pin.
Not pleasant, is the way to sum it up.
Not much going on today... I have woodwork to paint after work tonight, thats about all my plans amount to. No football tomorrow though, so Im playing golf instead on a 'dusk round' (tee off at 17.30 and its cheaper than normal).
No plans for Friday, then its the weekend when I will be laying some laminate flooring - so if you listen very carefully during the day you might hear faint screams of frustration and swearing like a merchant seaman. That'll be me. Hayfever not too bad today (surprisingly) and workload still at a low point.
Soundtrack of the day: "Era Vulgaris" by Queens Of The Stone Age (their new one).

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