Tuesday, 26 June 2007


This is quite a fun site - I've been using it over the past couple of days, and watching updates etc. and its helped pass an otherwise boring couple of days at work.
Check it out here
Im taking Jake to play badminton tonight, for the first time. He's been desperate to go and play it, and Im taking him as a surprise, so it should be good to see his reaction later when we turn up at the gym. I'll have to spend today clearing down my old laptop before giving it back to the IT Dept. which means getting rid of all the incriminating evidence thats on there. Apart from that I have naff all to do! I've just been confirmed on a training course from the 9th of July (C#) so that should be interesting...
Played golf last night. Front nine was shocking, so as we had the course pretty much to ourselves (seriously - it was empty!) we played the front nine a second time, and I did a lot better.
Hopefully going to be playing again this Friday at about 4.30 (weather permitting).
Soundtrack of the day: "An Other Cup" by Yusuf (formally Cat Stevens, I think).
Have a good day listeners, more spouting later / tomorrow (depending on how bored I am)

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