Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Itchy eyes and runny nose

God I HATE hayfever... its really kicking in now, every morning and every evening I get sneezing fits, sore & itchy eyes, the works. Still, a good weekend as I managed to get the decorating done - all thats left to do is gloss the woodwork and put down the laminate flooring. Also, the gardeners started yesterday, and their first job was to rip out the current jungle I see out the back of my house... and what a job! It now looks like a bomb site, but one thats clear of all extraneous (sp.?) rubbish. I think in a few days when its done its going to look really good, and I'll be having a bbq as an 'official opening'.
Not much on this week... football tonight, nothing tomorrow, football Thursday, then nothing Friday. And as for work, its dead quiet at the moment so its pretty boring. (bit like this post!)
Im trawling through some childhood memories trying to find one or two to post up here (as I mentioned recently in a previous post). Maybe I'll post one up here later.
Soundtrack of the day: "Seperation Sunday" by The Hold Steady.

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