Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Lucky escape

I played football last night, and I could have been badly injured... but I was lucky. I went in for a challenge with a player, and due to a freak of timing his knee hit me squarly between the legs. I mean, ouch! Of course, I dropped to the floor, and expected to see my plumbs bouncing away into the distance... but after getting my breath back and delicately checking the goods I was relieved to find I was still Victor as opposed to Victoria.
It wasn't until the drive home after the game that I realised I could have been really hurt... I have seen some nasty occurences of that kind of injury, with things being split, or burst, or ruptured. I think I got off lightly.
On another (slightly higher!) note, yesterday was deadline day for my bank to acknowledge / respond to my claim online. From what I can work out, they have not done so, so I can now apply for Judgement By Default. However, if I do this, the bank can apply for the judgement to be "put aside" which means they get a further 28 days to get something sorted. I will be phoning the online court people this morning to double check that they have NOT acknowledged my claim and then applying for judgement by default. I'll keep you posted.
Soundtrack of the day: "Infinity On High" by Fall Out Boy.
Update: Sent a letter giving the bank 7 more days before issuing judgement by default... if they settle in full before this date, then I will drop the case.
Also, some bad news... they no longer make chocolate M&M's! I love them. I had a real craving for them today, and do you think I could find them anywhere? I asked at my local newsagents and was told "no, they dont make them anymore". Travesty.

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