Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Im a little nervous now

Ba$tard Barclays have submitted a defence against my claim. This now means that it will be transferred to a 'local' court and I will receive a court date of when to attend. I now need to collate my 'court bundle' (a pack of supporting documents I will be using) and be prepared to actually go to court. So far, only one person has gone as far as court out of the thousands who have claimed, and that wasn't a Barclays customer. Whats the betting, with my rotten luck, that I will be the one they decide to take all the way and really punish?? Getting a little nervous now, but nothing ventured nothing gained...Oh, and I also have yet to send off my letter to BarclayCard for the same thing... I might try and do that today.
Playing golf later today and really looking forward to it. I can feel my game slowly coming along, which is nice.
Oh and some news, we've booked a holiday! We're going to Spain for a week in August... I can't remember the name of the place though, although its in Southern Spain near Gibraltar apparantly...

NO work to do again today, so Im gonna have to find ways to amuse myself. I hope the rest of you have a nice Tuesday...

Update: Signed up for a Twitter account today, see how that goes... I'll always try something new. check it out by clicking HERE

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