Monday, 10 January 2011

Something nice in the post

It's been a while since I received anything in the post that's made me go "Yes! Awesome! Excellent! Fantastic!" etc. and so I aimed to remedy that situation by ordering a shit load of stuff of various websites. Consequently, this week I can look forward to receiving:
  • 3 new Bluetones albums
  • A new Xbox Kinnect fitness game
  • Some gel heel inserts for my football boots
  • 3 new books recommended by someone I follow on Twitter
  • And the thing I'm most excited about... a new mobile phone handset.
I won't say what handset I'm getting just yet, but when I get it I'll be reviewing it on here. Suffice it to say I'm dead excited about it and can't wait for it to arrive.
The Xbox Kinnect fitness game is so help me get in shape. I've read lots of reviews on it etc. and it seems like it really does work. I'm not a 'gym' person, and although I play football as often as I can it's still not doing enough to slim me down. So this new game, if I stick to the regime, will hopefully aid the reduction in my silhouette.

This weekend was nice - it wasn't my weekend with Jake so Saturday was spent chilling out and mincing around the house. Saturday night was spent with my LGF and Sunday we spent the day together shopping and stuff so that was nice.
So that's about it for now... more updates tomorrow. Happy Monday.

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Phil Dawson said...

let me know when you start playing xbox fitness cos I'll set my alarm and turn on the nannycam in your house. :)